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Kinjin Food Pvt. Ltd - India’s favourite, trustworthy & leading exporter and manufacturer of compounded Asafoetida (Bandhani Hing).

Conceptualized in 1932 under V. N. Thakkar Hingwala & Co. (now V. N. Thakkar Hingwala & Sons), we are India’s favourite and most reliable manufacturer and exporter of asafoetida for almost 90 years. The company was incorporated into Kinjin Food Pvt. Ltd. in 1989 under the leadership of Mr.Mahesh Thakkar who comes with a lifetime of experience having taken the ropes of the family business from his late father Mr.Naranji Thakkar.

The goal behind starting this business was to supply superior quality compounded asafoetida by using high quality ingredients and hygienic infrastructure for manufacturing. Maintaining global business standards and quality has helped us to create a niche in the global market along with a reputed goodwill worldwide.

Kinjin Food Pvt. Ltd. is HACCP 2003 and ISO 22000:2018

We, Kinjin Food Pvt. Ltd manufacture and export different qualities of compounded Asafoetida under the brand name of Vandevi, Laxmi Narayan & Gouri. We have a state of art manufacturing facility with tamper-proof-packaging of compounded asafoetida. Our manufacturing facilities have a capacity of 90 metric tons per month which is spread over 30,000 square feet.

Kinjin, which consists of two words – ‘kin’ meaning ‘gold’ and ‘jin’ which is a suffix to a ‘nationality’ is symbolic of the variety of asafoetida that is provided by Kinjin Food Pvt. Ltd.

One of our main motto is to ensure high consistent quality and a savoury taste to every tongue.

Kinjin Food Pvt. Ltd. is currently one of the oldest leading exporters of asafoetida in India and is also a niche manufacturer of Vandevi brand Asafoetida. The legendary Vandevi Brand is 90 years old and is one of the most widely consumed brands across India and around the world. We continue to supply the best quality Hing in almost every possible retail store in the country. Our product is exported to more than 25 countries and has a very strong hold in the Indian market.

Asafoetida (hing) is one of the natural ingredients added to your meals that stir up a luscious flavour to your dish and can also be called the Supporting Star of your kitchen!

We offer Vandevi Yellow Powder, Vandevi 2001 Brown Powder, Vandevi 2001 Brown Khada and Vandevi 751 Kabuli Khada (Granules). Customers can choose the best suited hing as per their requirements as we offer hing with different concentration. The different quantities comes in different packaging ranging from 10 gms to 1 kg. We also customise packaging as per overseas customer requirements.

Asafoetida – What is it?

Extracted from dried sap of the stem and roots of the Ferula plant which is then crushed in a traditional manner between heavy stones or even a hammer, asafoetida is a resin like gum.

It is a species of the herb which is found in the desserts of Iran and the mountains of Afghanistan and is also cultivated in India; mainly in Kashmir and Punjab. It is known for its pungent smell and is added to dals, kadhis and vegetarian dishes. It is one of the popular additions to most of the dal tadkas across the country.

It is a great substitute for garlic and onion.

Types: Brown powder, yellow powder and red-brownish small balls.

Alexander the Great carried this spice from the West in 4 BC.

Benefits of Asafoetida (Hing) – Did You Know? !

Asafoetida moisturises your hair

Just a dash of Asafoetida can do wonders for your hair. If you have a dry and frizzy hair then hing can be a great solution for you due to its moisturizing properties. All you need to do is use a hair mask which includes hing, almond oil and yoghurt. Apply it on your hair and leave it on for an hour before you gently wash it off.

Asafoetida reduces Acne

A combination of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties makes hing an excellent beauty product to not only help reduce acne production but also inhibit the growth of rashes and pimples! All you have to do is make a mixture of multani mitti (Fuller’s Earth) and rose water with a dash of hing in a small bowl. Then apply this mixture to the affected area.

Asafoetida adds a glow to your face

Add that charm to your face with just a hint of asafoetida! It is known for increasing the supply of oxygen to facial tissues and also helps in giving your skin a radiant glow. Form a fine paste by mixing rose water with hing. You may also add some sandalwood powder for additional benefit. Apply it regularly to get effective results.

Asafoetida is a natural antidote for insect bites and stings

All you have to do is mix garlic with asafoetida and form a paste then apply it on the infected area.

Asafoetida is a natural cure for period pain

Periods are a nightmarish time for most women. Asafoetida can be one of the most effective rescue agent to help alleviate some of the pain. Menstrual pain and cramps are such symptoms that is experienced by mostly all women during menses. Asafoetida is a natural blood thinner, thereby it helps blood flow smoothly without hampering any part of the body. It also boosts the progesterone secretion which promotes easy blood flow, that provides relief from pain. You can make a mixture of fenugreek powder, a pinch of asafoetida, a pinch of salt in a cup of buttermilk and consume that during the days of your periods.

Asafoetida reduces blood pressure

It is known to be a natural blood thinner as it improves blood flow and prevent the formation of blood clots.

Therepeutic Benefits of Asafoetida (Hing) – Did You Know? !

Improves Digestion

Asafoetida is rich in fibre that aids in digestion. It is an excellent source of relief for problems such as bloating, abdominal pain, gastritis, flatulence and helps to promote overall digestive health. It has anti-microbial properties which prevents the growth of flora in the intestines and reduces the chances of stomach infection.

Provides relief from Respiratory Problems

Owing to its anti-microbial, anti-(inflammatory and expectorant properties it is excellent in treating a number of respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis, whooping cough, pneumonia and cold. It helps to relive chest congestion and remove excessive mucous from the respirartory tract.

Excellent for Diabetes Management

The nutrients present in hing manage the release of insulin from the pancreatic cells which reduces blood sugar levels and helps to keep dibates under management.

Asafoetida is good for Cardiac Health

Owing to its rich amount of potassium, asafoetida prevents blood from clotting within the arteries, reduces chances of strokes or blokages in the hearts which thereby help in the overall cardiac health.

Improves Fertility and Reproductive Health

Asafoetida, being aphrodisiac (a food/drink that stimulates sexual desire) in nature stimulates hormonal activity and increases energy as well as blood flow in the body. It leads to the production of the hormone progesterone in females and reduces the risk of premature births as well as excessive bleeding during labour. It is also known to eliminate any symptom of infertility and sterility for both men and women.

Asafoetida is a great Anti-convulsant

Asafoetida has anti-convulsant effects and is a great anti-epileptic remedy. It can help to prevent seizures.


Alexander the Great had carried asafoetida to the west in the year 4 BC. It was being used as a spice in Ancient Rome. At that time the shock of its smell was used to cure hysteria in the American Wild West .

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